Darryl Anka on Channeling Bashar and the Sassani

Reuben sits down with the one and only Darryl Anka for a novel and rousing interview about Darryl’s journey as a channel. For more than 35 years Darryl has been bringing through a remarkable multidimensional being from the future known as Bashar. In this episode, a discussion of telepathy and E.T. communication leads to a synchronistic and supernatural event that has become a common theme to the show.

On two separate occasions in 1973 Darryl Anka witnessed close range UFOs. He became curious about UFOs and paranormal phenomena and through his research, Darryl learned of channeling. After experiencing a telepathic message from an E.T. who called himself Bashar, he realized that Bashar’s ship was the one he had seen ten years earlier. The rest is history, as he opened his connection up to the public for question after question. Join Darryl and Reuben for the second season opener of Interviews with Extra Dimensionals.

Featuring: Reuben Langdon, Darryl Anka
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English