Microdosing for Healing

Healing Matrix with Sue Morter
S4:Ep849 minsFebruary 24, 2020

Lane Carlson has devoted his life to traveling the world to discover different methods of healing. From light beds to ayahuasca, he shares some of the startling things he has learned about natural & ancestral medicines, as well as modern technology. Perhaps his most controversial work comes with microdosing of psychedelics. We hear from Daniel Carcillo, who was cast out from the NHL and the Chicago Blackhawks because of his use of microdosing to help treat his own traumatic brain injury. Together they are pressing for the legal therapeutic use of psychoactive substances, which show great promise in scientific studies.

You will learn:

• Various healing methods from ancestral to cutting edge

• Benefits of microdosing psychedelics

• Scientific discoveries which are changing the legality of these medicines

Instructor/Host: Sue Morter
Featuring: Lane Carlson
Video Language: English