Mysteries of Phobos

The moon Phobos of Mars is one of the biggest enigmas that surrounds the red planet. Explore, with Jaime Maussán, the peculiarities of this satellite, which has led Russian scientists to postulate that it is a hollow or even artificial, due to the strange patterns of its orbit. The anomalies and unknowns around Phobos prompted several Russian missions to Mars that mysteriously ended up failing in space.

The space probe of the Phobos 2 mission mysteriously disappeared after photographing a UFO on the Martian moon. The intrigue that surrounds Mars, and its small moon, increased after the discoveries of a 90-meter monolith on the Martian plains, and another one just like it on Phobos. Thus, Mars and its mysterious moon has become one of the biggest mysteries of our solar system.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English