The Nazca Mummies: Following the Evidence with Jaime Maussan

Standing at the forefront of the discovery of anomalous humanoid mummies in Nazca, Peru, Jaime Maussan remains firm in his commitment to report the truth of this historic finding. Throughout his career as an investigative journalist, he has never shied away from controversial subjects and this one is no different. In his pursuit to inform the public, he leaves no stone unturned in bringing to light the most recent results, addressing the concerns of the critics and openly baring outstanding questions just begging to be answered in this interview with George Noory.

Since 1970 Jaime Maussan has been a reporter, correspondent and director with various newspapers and broadcasting outlets, including the Mexican television program "60 Minutos".

Host: George Noory
Featuring: Jaime Maussan
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English