Ötzi: An Archeological Detective Story

51 mins2011

It was a bright autumn day on 19th September 19, 1991, when mountain hikers Helmut and Erika Simon discovered a body on the Similaun glacier. It wasn't an isolated case that year – various factors had caused the glaciers to begin to melt, and in Tyrol alone the eternal ice gave up 6 bodies, including tourists and mountaineers.

But the sixth body turned out to be Ötzi, who had died 5,300 years ago during the Neolithic period, also known as the New Stone Age. He is the oldest preserved mummy in wet conditions in the world – even older than the Egyptian kings. His discovery opened a new door into the past. His discovery set off a scientific sensation, but it is also to be noted his is also the oldest known criminal case in history – a “cold case” that is yet to be solved.