The One Goal: Ascension

A powerful introduction to the Rainbow Body ascension teaching, with instructional practices to help you experience greater wholeness and holiness – a mini-empowerment workshop. The presentation includes tips for bridging the gap of disbelief; overcoming fear and breaking through to the higher levels of life; and uniting your inner male and female around the One Goal.

People have all kinds of goals, from the simple to the difficult. Ultimately, however, one goal supersedes all goals and also helps fulfill all of them. That is the goal of wholeness and holiness; perfection and angelifications. If wholeness, holiness is not your one goal, then what is? If a human can transform into an angel or illuminated being why do we resist this transformation? How can we tap into the powers of the light body?

Through his personal consultations and research, William Henry has helped thousands of people go beyond their perceived limits and live a fuller, richer life. In this video, the premise is that if perfection (wholeness/holiness) is our goal it transcends, transforms and raises all other goals.

Featuring: William Henry
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish