Overcoming Addiction

Doug, a Canadian, lost focus and dropped out of college, partaking of a constant supply of drugs and alcohol. At a loss to provide value to anyone else, he journeyed long and hard to find his way to consciousness, love and the joy of living simply and honestly.

Joanne found her way out of compulsive overeating and obesity through a three-fold method addressing spiritual, physical and emotional recovery. Practicing staying present and riding the raw feelings accompanying jealousy, judgment, hurt, etc., has helped her accept and love herself without turning to food to bury them.

Brian was a troublemaker from early on. A gang member and drug runner, he exploited or victimized anything or anyone he could take advantage of – family, friends, strangers – to get what he needed or wanted. At a life or death turning point he chose to get more in touch with himself, to feel his life and to invite conscious spirituality back into it.

Featuring: Doug Stewart, Joanne Goodman, Brian Whitehead
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English