Psychic Pathway and Yoga Darshana (Sonia Choquette & Kofi Busia)
Eye of the Spirit: Soul Stories with Greg Zelonka Dinabandu

Part 1: If you want to become as comfortable with your sixth sense as you are with the other five, to talk to your angels as easily as you brush your teeth, then consult with Sonia Choquette, self-described intuitive, spiritual teacher, healer, and model for people about how to be in spirit. Sonia will awaken your psychic abilities, introduce you to the spirit world, and help you remember what you came here to do. Encouraged by her mother to expand her abilities, she began giving readings at age twelve and has been helping people connect with their souls and their guides for over thirty years.

Part 2: An early student of B. K. S. Iyengar, who stressed alignment and therapeutic benefit, Kofi Busia is a master of personal attention and maximizing students' progress, and his classes are among the most popular at Omega. What attracts people, in addition to the physical asana practice, are the ethical and moral disciplines that deepen one's way of life and philosophy – mindfulness, joy, right action. Kofia notes that one of the most valuable commodities that yoga has to offer is steadiness of mind. Our challenge is to resist the obstacles, both inner and outer, that take us away from our focus on whatever goals we have set.

Host: Greg Zelonka, Dinabandu
Featuring: Sonia Choquette, Sandra Garcia, Kofi Busia
Audio Languages: English