Paul Perry on The Afterlife

Paul Perry has authored or co-authored ten books on the subject of Near Death Experiences. This 23-year long fascination began when he was approached to write a book titled, The Light Beyond, with Dr. Raymond Moody. Ten books later, Paul has used his knowledge of the subject and skills to produce a wonderful documentary titled, Afterlife. The story follows a handful of people through their journey out of the body and back using science as a backdrop of understanding.

In this companion interview to Raymond Moody, Regina discusses Paul’s movie, Afterlife and the nature of the afterlife as seen through the eyes of NDE’s. Devout Christians and devout atheists alike have profound interest in the same question: What happens when we die? This and other questions about the Afterlife are scientifically explored through modern research into near-death experiences.

Featuring: Paul Perry
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English