Poisoned Lives: Secrets of the Chemical Industry

Alice, Kenton, Bucky, and Rachna are the hidden victims of the chemical industry. They all grew up in either India or in the US, in towns built around plastic and pesticide factories. For a long time, the resounding success of the chemical industry has masked the darker reality behind their practices. For several decades their factories have secretly dumped toxic products into rivers, groundwater systems, and soil. This pollution has affected thousands, causing disabilities, cancers, and death. No one is safe: both the inhabitants of these regions and the employees of the companies have all been affected. But the chemical giants will do anything to keep these tragedies a secret. Through the analysis of samples and confidential documents, the two directors gauge the true extent of the contamination and ultimately shed some light over years of lies and impunity. All that remains are the testimonies of the victims across the world; those whose lives have been poisoned...

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English