Power and Spirit of Community with Mark Nepo

Discover the power and spirit of community both in our lives and in the world. Mark Nepo, poet, philosopher, and spiritual advisor, spent twelve years gathering stories and lessons of community from across cultures and history as research for his latest book exploring the universality of community. Just as humans can grow from facing challenges, communities come together in disaster. Because we are wired to care about each other for our wellbeing, community builds coherence. Mark concludes with the overall theme he discovered: that time and again, when fear makes a group of people think that self-interest will protect them, love and suffering affirm that we’re more together than alone.

Bestselling author Mark Nepo has published fifteen books, including his number one New York Times bestseller, The Book of Awakening. His recent work includes, The Endless Practice, his latest book of poems, Reduced to Joy, and Inside the Miracle. Mark devotes his writing and teaching to the journey of inner transformation and the life of relationship. He continues to offer readings, lectures, and retreats all over the world.

Host: Lisa Garr
Featuring: Mark Nepo
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English