Qigong’s Healing Energies with Robert Peng

When someone extends their knowledge to help heal you, you spend the rest of your life thanking them in many ways. This is what Qigong Master Robert Peng has done. Robert was healed when he was a little boy by a Qigong Master from a childhood heart condition, and for the following 13 years, this master taught Robert how to use our life force to restore our inner power. In this revealing interview, Robert shares this knowledge with us.

At a very young age, Robert Peng began training with a Qigong master who guided him through many life-changing experiences and intense purifications to refine his healing energies. When China began its Open Door Policy, it was finally possible for him to teach Qigong openly. He is the author of The Master Key: The Qigong Way to Unlock Your Hidden Power as well as a number of Qigong DVDs.

[Editor's Note: Near the end of the interview, Robert Peng and Lisa Garr went outdoors to demonstrate some Qigong exercises. We're sorry the audio track was affected by the breeze, but the demonstration seems to us so lovely and useful that we hope you will enjoy it despite the noise.]

Host: Lisa Garr
Featuring: Robert Peng
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English