The Rainbow Body of Light
Arcanum with Clare and William Henry

The greatest of all the mystical teachings is the ascension of consciousness so that one can transcend the physical body and earthly realms. This practice, often depicted as a rainbow body or cloak of light, has always been reserved for the greatest of gurus and ascended masters. Despite each of us following our own unique paths of karma and destiny, the rewards of this practice are no longer beyond the reach of anyone.

Various mythologies, from Ancient Egypt to Christianity, have their own explanation of what this cloak means and how it has passed through the ages. In fact, we can follow the direct lineages of these secret teachings through paintings. No matter the tradition, they all agree that this shimmering cloak is a means of transcending the physical bodies and the earthly realms.

Clare and William Henry investigate the arcanum of the rainbow body of light as depicted in many works of art from Egypt, Tibet and Christendom.

Host: Clare and William Henry
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English