Raising Dopamine with THINK with Lana Morrow

Is there a simple solution to kicking our brains into a higher gear, giving us greater focus amid a world of increasing distractions? Neuroscientist and neuropsychologist Lana Morrow has found a way to do just that, with a non-invasive device she invented, called THINK. For us to better understand how this works, she delves into the workings of our brain, explaining the role of dopamine and the amygdala. She explains that video games and social media have a negative impact upon brain function, and that we can mitigate these effects. Astonishingly, she has discovered that those who use her techniques report an increased connection with the unity field, as described by quantum scientists and mystics, alike.

Dr. Lana Morrow, Ph.D. is an award winning functional medicine neuroscientist, Founder, CEO, and creator of THINK system, and is an expert in dopamine, executive functions, and neurotechnology. She has worked with students, diplomats, actors, European royalty, and Fortune 500 CEOs in Manhattan, Paris and Rome.

Featuring: Lana Morrow
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, French, German, Spanish