At the core of humankind's ethos is an ongoing struggle to come to terms with the impermanence of self. Reconvergence offers a fascinating exploration of mortality, consciousness and identity from the perspectives of four distinct characters: a naturalist, a neuroscientist, a poet and a historian. The combination of their separate journeys creates a rich tapestry that weaves together several complex facets of the existential dilemma.

The film's characters include the following: naturalist Eustace Conway, neuroscientist Preston Estep, historian Waite Rawls, and poet Caleb Whitaker. Reconvergence combines these separate stories through a series of fascinating intersections that create a compelling and unexpected examination of our shared instinct to search for meaning in life and death, connect to the past, and look to the future.

Featuring: Eustace Conway, Preston Estep, Waite Rawls, Caleb Whitaker