There are a myriad of religions scattered all over our world. No matter the tradition, the tools or practices, all religions share in the singular purpose of reuniting us with Source. But does this hold true for those in the spirit world? James Van Praagh explains the role of religion in the spirit world, and then Karen the shaman performs a shamanic medicine wheel ceremony which clears the space for soul readings with a live studio audience.

A brother, Christopher comes to his sister Lucia. He explains that he did not mean to commit suicide but it was part of his soul lessons on loving himself. He brings special urgent and loving messages for their father and other family members. Lisa’s grandmother comes to help her brother, who committed suicide, come through. This sparks a revelation that several audience members who have lost loved ones to suicide are sitting next to each other. Lisa’s brother explains that he is helping these lost loved ones and that she too is a healer. Then, Meredith reconnects with her father. He thanks her for being her daughter and explains that he can now be the father that he could never be in life.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English