The Return of Planet X with Marshall Masters

Marshall Masters, a former CNN Science Features news producer, discusses various indications that Nibiru is returning and describes the effects it will have upon our planet. In this interview with George Noory, he recounts that in 1940, acclaimed astronomer Carlos Ferrada began to speak of a planet-sized celestial object with an orbit similar to a comet. This may be the same planetary body many people call Planet X or Nibiru whose return has been predicted in ancient prophecy.

Marshall Masters is a former CNN Science Features news producer, freelance writer, television analyst and the publisher of YOWUSA.COM. Since 1999, he has been researching earth changes and Nibiru flyby-related topics including: sustainable survival communities, catastrophic crop circles, impact events and future technologies. Like many others, Marshall sees a dark cloud coming. What makes him different is that he also sees a silver lining - a noble and inspiring Star Trek future.

Host: George Noory
Featuring: Marshall Masters
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish