Saturn and the Electric Universe with Troy McLachlan

Troy McLachlan describes our planet in a time before time, when it was perpetually illuminated by the light of a much dimmer star. It was a time of abundance and peace. But cosmic cataclysms rearranged order on earth and in the heavens and this ideal society came to a close. Rising from the ashes of this collapse, an elite class bent on maintaining their abundant lifestyle. Troy McLachlan defines this secret society, which now reigns over our financial institutions, as the Saturn Death Cult in this interview with Regina Meredith.

First time self-published author, Troy D. McLachlan is a strong proponent of Electric Universe theory and Saturn Theory. His book, The Saturn Death Cult discusses the links between planetary catastrophism, ancient mythology and their connection to ancient and modern occult ritual. He is planning a series of follow-ups to the main premise found in his first and maintains a website where he posts supporting articles on occult ritual, mythology and Saturn Theory cosmology.

Featuring: Troy McLachlan
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English