Scotland Paranormal with Malcolm Robinson

Scotland is an age-old land full of many strange myths and tales. Many of these legends have been dismissed as grand folktales of yore. However, the same paranormal phenomena and extraterrestrial encounters that have spawned these ancient accounts continue to this day. It is time to accept the notion that these tales tell of a reality beyond our own, and that we are not alone. Malcolm Robinson explains the intersection of these other realities by recounting several otherworldly tales from modern-day Scotland in this interview with Regina Meredith.

Malcolm Robinson is a founder member of Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI), which carries out much active UFO & Paranormal research. Malcolm is famed for his lively and sometimes theatrical presentations on UFO and other inspirational topics. . He is also the author of three books, UFO Case Files of Scotland (Amazing real life alien encounters) Paranormal Case Files of Great Britain (Volume 1) and UFO Case Files of Scotland (Volume 2, The Sightings).

Featuring: Malcolm Robinson
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English