Scanning the Future with Philip K. Dick featuring Anthony Peake

Every so often, a visionary comes into our world with the ability to transform the ways we perceive our reality. One such person is renowned science fiction author Philip K. Dick. He seemed to have the ability to scan the future as many of his predictions of technology and social breakdown have come true. To help us better understand who this prophet was, Anthony Peake illuminates the life, mind and influences of Philip K. Dick in this interview with Regina Meredith.

Anthony Peake was educated at Warwick University and the London School of Economics. He is a member of The Scientific & Medical Network, The International Association of Near-Death Studies and the Society for Psychical Research. In his books, Anthony presents a potentially paradigm-changing hypothesis that suggests that human consciousness survives the physical death of the body by falling out of time. He calls this process, cheating the ferryman.

Featuring: Anthony Peake
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish