Scotland's Hidden Sacred Past

A stone circle bears the name of a sage who lived 12,000 years ago in the Middle East. A white-skinned giant guards an entrance into the Otherworld. A ritual cave runs 18.6 miles beneath an island. And unusual round towers known as duns and brochs that once served as seats of power for a royal race of fairy people. These are just some of the mysteries found throughout the western isles of Scotland. But from where did they emerge? Who had advanced knowledge of the stars and the secrets of initiation? Who erected the megaliths and stone circles? And who were the magical Tuatha Dé Danann people? In this documentary, best-selling author Freddy Silva explores the Neolithic culture in Scotland, the true dating of Orkney’s sacred sites, the prehistory of Ireland and its ancient megalithic cultures, and more. Along the way, Silva uncovers a series of unlikely connections that link Scotland’s remote past with the magicians of different countries in Europe, such as Sardinia, as well as Scythia and Egypt — people once known as Shining Ones, Followers of Horus, and Anunnaki. There is much more to Scottish culture and traditions than meets the eye - take this journey with Silva, and learn more about them.

Featuring: Freddy Silva
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English