Secrets of Remote Viewing with Ed Dames

Beyond Belief with George Noory
S2:Ep111 hrSeptember 2013

You may have seen the movie, Men Who Stare at Goats, but did you know that it was based on real people? The U.S. Army developed a program, called remote viewing, which trained soldiers to be psychic spies. Major Ed Dames, who was an integral part of this program, reveals the secrets of remote viewing and highlights many of its benefits in this interview with George Noory.

Edward A. Dames is the world's foremost remote viewing teacher and creator of Technical Remote Viewing. He is a decorated military intelligence officer and an original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program. He served as both training and operations officer for the U.S. government's top secret psychic espionage unit, PSIINT.

Instructor/Host: George Noory
Featuring: Ed Dames
Video Language: English