Secrets of the Shroud: The First Icon

Arcanum with Clare and William Henry
S1:Ep1250 minsMay 2014

The shroud of Turin is the most mysterious relic in all of human history. More than just a relic, it is a holy icon written in the blood of Christ. In the presence of the shroud, one is urged to contemplate the death and transfiguration of Christ. Thus, it becomes a portal to higher dimensions by transmitting spiritual power.

Evidence left on the shroud suggest the resurrection of Jesus was accomplished by his physical body turning into a body of light. The image of the face on the shroud bears a strong resemblance to many 6th century painting of Christ. Perhaps the message of this icon is to find the purifying mysteries that will bring you into a life of light.

Clare and William Henry examine the history and authenticity of the shroud of Turin, suggesting that it is truly the first icon of transfiguration in this presentation originally webcast May 27, 2014.

Instructor/Host: Clare and William Henry
Video Language: English