Seven Stages of Money Maturity (George Kinder)
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How can we make and manage our money and live a life based on our spiritual values? George Kinder, internationally renowned financial planner, Buddhist teacher, and author of Seven Stages of Money Maturity, explains that money has to do with how we are articulating our soul in the world. We want to feel that the central purpose of money in our life is connected to how we live our true interests, which is not separate from our spiritual life.

Ask yourself what gives you the most freedom and joy, and how you can accomplish it in the world. Money is often a taboo subject in our society. People will talk about their sex life before they'll tell you how much money they make. The consequence of hiding our lives around money is too often that we aren't finding a way to deal with it that will make our lives whole and complete. Gain expert practical advice in Seven Stages of Money Maturity to help you grow your relationship to money immediately and manifest your true self in the world.

Host: Corinne Edwards
Featuring: George Kinder
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English