Small Town Monsters with Seth Breedlove

Documentary filmmaker, Seth Breedlove investigates accounts of small town monsters. From eyewitness accounts to amateur video, no stone is left unturned in search of these mysterious creatures. Not settled with the ordinary explanation of Bigfoot sightings, his investigation into the towns of Minerva and Whitehall uncovered strange creatures with glowing red eyes. This is only one of many different types of creatures he uncovers in this interview with George Noory.

Seth Breedlove is a freelance investigative journalist, film director, screenwriter, and podcast host. In 2013 Seth began working on the concept for a series titled Small Town Monsters. The first chapter in this series is the film, Minerva Monster. In 2015 Seth started Small Town Media. A small business marketing, cinematography and production company geared toward independent business owners and indie filmmakers. Their first official full-scale film release will be Beast of Whitehall in 2016.

Host: George Noory
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish