State Stacking to Access OBEs

Is it possible for someone who has an out-of-body experience to provide proof of their transliminal journey? And can we train ourselves to stack states by combining three strategies: biohacking, sleephacking, and mindfulness?

Guest Jade Shaw devotes herself to helping people with OBEs, herself and host George Noory included, to ground their experiences in real-world terms — not only for validation but also for verification. Shaw’s approach helps define differences between OBEs which are spontaneous, self-induced, or forced through trauma. Using techniques to reach a range of quantum realms, Shaw interacts in those realms using her awareness of frequency. Her expertise is based in Tibetan Buddhism, allowing Shaw to look at astral projection in healthy individuals through a transformational lens.

Is astral projection the same as remote viewing, and how do people who have OBEs rein in fear and lose limiting beliefs to accept and practice their skills at Shaw’s astral projection school?

Host: George Noory
Featuring: Jade Shaw
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English