The Tapping Solution with Nick Ortner

Millions of people are settling for lives filled with poor health and emotional baggage. Are you one of them? If so, are you ready to regain control? Nick Ortner is on a mission to heal people using a cutting-edge modality, the Emotional Freedom Technique, which combines Chinese acupressure with modern psychology. In this interview with Lisa Garr, he shares the vital secrets for emotional wholeness and physical relief, and how you can take back your overall well-being.

Nick Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution, offers a healing modality that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. The mission of his company, The Tapping Solution, LLC, is to bring simple and effective natural healing into the mainstream through the Emotional Freedom Technique. Nick's films, CDs, online events and speaking engagements help to empower people to create healthy, financially abundant and stress-free lives.

Host: Lisa Garr
Featuring: Nick Ortner
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English