Transcendence Extended Interviews
2 Seasons . 48 Episodes

In this series, you will get to deep dive into the stories and interviews of the world’s most recognised doctors, scientists, high-performance athletes and thought leaders who are living a life of purpose through the power of food, mindset, education and self-discovery - all who have featured in the docu-series, Transcendence.

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Transcendence Extended Interviews (Preview)

In this series, we will be joined by a selection of experts from the original Food Matters TV docu-series, TRANSCENDENCE: Live Life Beyond the Ordinary by James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch. Throughout this series you will get to deep dive into the stories and interviews of the world’s most recognized doctors, scientists, high-performance athletes and thought leaders who are living a life of purpose through the power of food, mindset, education and self-discovery.

Each full-length interview includes unseen, extended interview footage with experts as they share their knowledge on how they have transcended the limitations in their own lives through practical and approachable tools, to now be able to shine light on our lives to help us step into our calling, follow our passions, and live the life of our dreams.

Featuring: Brendon Burchard, Bruce Lipton, Chris Wark, Dean Karnazes, Gabrielle Bernstein, Jim Kwik, Joe Dispenza, John Robbins, Jon Gabriel, Josh Axe, Koya Webb, Lewis Howes, Libby Weaver, Marie Forleo, Mark Hyman, Novak Djokovic, Ocean Ramsey, Philip McKernan, Rich Roll, Sean Stephenson, Stig Severinsen, Tom O'Bryan, Vani Hari, Vishen Lakhiani, William Davis, Wim Hof
Episode 1
1 hr 5 mins
In this interview, you will hear from author, lecturer and educator Dr Joe Dispenza about how he went from the prime of his life, to in a single moment questioning whether he will ever be able to walk again.
Episode 2
1 hr 2 mins
Join life coach, motivational speaker, author, founder of B-school, and web television host of Marie TV, Marie Forleo, as she unfolds her own experience of discovering and living out purpose.
Episode 3
40 mins
Join New York Times best selling author, life coach, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker, Lewis Howes for an interview about living out dreams, finding purpose, and creating true happiness in life.
Episode 4
44 mins
Join internationally recognized yoga teacher, personal trainer, holistic health and wellness coach, author, and motivational speaker, Koya Webb, as she delves deep into the art of self-love.
Episode 5
1 hr 40 mins
For this interview, join Chris Wark, author, speaker, and health coach, as he shares his secrets for beating cancer, naturally.
Episode 6
17 mins
In this interview, American ultramarathon runner, New York Times bestselling author, and one of TIME magazine's top 100 most influential people in the world, Dean Karnazes, tells his story of leaving his job, pursuing his dreams, and living passionately.
Episode 7
38 mins
Join James Colquhoun in this exclusive interview with author, ultra-endurance athlete and wellness advocate, Rich Roll as they take things back to the beginning and unpack Rich’s journey to wellness.
Episode 8
51 mins
Join James Colquhoun in this exclusive extended interview with author, motivational speaker and life coach, Gabrielle Bernstein as they discuss the process of healing trauma through spiritual connection and how you can turn your deep-seed fear into faith.
Episode 9
29 mins
Join Jon Gabriel in this exclusive extended interview, as he shares his knowledge on visualization and how he has personally harnessed the power of the practice to transform his body and lose excess weight which previously held him back.
Episode 10
23 mins
Join certified doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutritionist, Dr. Josh Axe, as he goes into the complexities of the gut lining and factors that lead to autoimmune disease.
Episode 11
54 mins
Join Wim Hof, or more commonly known as the "Ice Man" in this exclusive extended interview as he shares his knowledge and journey on how breathwork and cold therapy has made him mentally and physically strong.
Episode 12
45 mins
Join one of Australasia's leading nutritional biochemists, author, and speaker Dr. Libby Weaver, as she shares her knowledge of stress and the detrimental effects it can have on the body.
Episode 13
1 hr 19 mins
Join Guinness World Record holder and 4x world free diving champion Stig Severinsen, as he dives deep into the unlimited power of the breath.
Episode 14
55 mins
Join Sean Stephenson, therapist, self-help best-selling author, and motivational speaker, as he takes us on his journey of setting himself free from pain and misery through the power of choice.
Episode 15
29 mins
It’s time to take back our health, starting with our food. In this interview, you will learn from the best. Dr. Mark Hyman believes that we all deserve a life of vitality and that we have the potential to create it for ourselves.
Episode 16
39 mins
Join inspirational speaker, author, and filmmaker, Philip McKernan, through his journey of finding his gift and his purpose in life.
Episode 17
51 mins
Join world-renowned expert in the field of gluten-related disorders, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, & celiac disease, Dr. Tom O’Bryan as he dives deep into gluten and the numerous effects it has on the body.
Episode 18
52 mins
Join James Colquhoun in this exclusive interview as he chats with John Robbins on how he turned away from his destined path of running his family’s multi-million dollar business and how he maintained his integrity to live a longer, happier and a more purposeful life.
Episode 19
56 mins
In this interview, you’ll be hearing from Stem Cell Biologist and Author, Dr Bruce Lipton as he discusses the evolution of how we perceive genetics, the importance of early childhood thinking and how to condition the subconscious mind.
Episode 20
27 mins
In this interview, we’ll be hearing from Vishen Lakhiani, entrepreneur, education activist, and author of the international bestseller, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.
Episode 21
24 mins
In this interview, Ocean will share a little bit about herself, her work, why she’s an advocate for shark conservation, and how she works through the challenges she faces along the way.
Episode 22
1 hr 4 mins
Join Brendon Burchard, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and internationally renowned high-performance coach.
Episode 23
34 mins
In this interview, you will hear why Vani began to consider the food she ate and their contribution to her health.
Episode 24
1 hr 14 mins
In this interview, you'll hear from world leader in accelerated learning, Jim Kwik, all about his journey, his struggles, and how he broke down the barriers within himself that were holding him back from who he wanted to be.
Episode 25
53 mins
In this interview, you'll hear from cardiologist and bestselling author William Davis, about his investigation into the link between the modern wheat we consume today and chronic illnesses, specifically diseases of the heart.
Episode 26
58 mins
From childhood in war-torn Serbia to 5 Wimbledon championships, Novak Djokovic transformed his life by changing his diet.