The New Money

Is it time to rethink money? Stephen Belgin, co-author of New Money for a New World, thinks so. He shares how we can restore the environment and create meaningful jobs by revamping our monetary system. Be sure to watch Regina Meredith’s challenging and thought-provoking interview and discover why Stephen believes that complementary currencies can alleviate many of the major issues of our world and bring about new opportunities for all.

Stephen Belgin is the founder and President of Qiterra Press. He is a self-described passionate student of systems thinking and what is truly possible. A near-death experience in the 1970s began a journey that spanned much of the globe and a wide variety of disciplines, including medical research and communications. Most recently, he spent a decade working with Bernard Lietaer to create New Money for a New World, one of a number of upcoming books from Qiterra Press that speaks to societal transformation and the solutions that are within our grasp.

Featuring: Stephen Belgin
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