The Radical Tension Between Being & Becoming

Gaia is proud to present this GaiaSphere event available for Gaia+ Members.

Michael Beckwith will share experiential processes to connect you with the timeless. In moments of BEING consciousness, or unitive awareness, all sense of separation dissolves and we have a moment of consciously being connected to the All. In the traditional understanding of enlightenment, once you “reached” this state of consciousness you are complete. However, in what is called evolutionary enlightenment, due to the Truth that you are an infinite being, there is always more unfolding of the unitive awareness. Meaning, you continue to become more of yourself, your greater yet to be, because: 1) there is always more expansion of awareness and, 2) there is always more to share. Even in having a body there is always more to explore and give.

Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English