Tom Gegax
INNERVIEWS with Chantal Westerman

Tom Gegax, successful businessman and “head coach” (CEO), believes the real spiritual game is in how we show up for people. To those who would question bringing spirituality into the workplace, Tom deftly replies that you can't bring anything in that isn't already there.

Spirituality is already in the workplace, and it is truly a matter of allowing it to come forth from within oneself that brings people into greater connection. A "three-ring" wake-up call that challenged his marriage, health, and business catalyzed his successful personal transformation. Now he is here to share with us a new game plan for winning at the game of life.

Chantal Westerman interviews Tom for Innerviews.

Host: Chantal Westerman
Featuring: Tom Gegax
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English