Tuning In: Angels & Aliens

During this turbulent time on the planet that some have dubbed The Great Shift, much helpful and inspiring channeling information is pouring forth. The number of channelers has grown exponentially in the past decade, wise dispatches arriving to help us traverse the sometimes shaky path.

Lee Carroll (Kryaon), Darryl Anka (Bashar), Geoffrey Hoppe (Adamus), Tina Louise Spalding (Jesus), Christina Hill (Athella), Catherine Weer (One Life), and Rob Gauthier (Aridif) speak passionately and eloquently on many topics, including ascension, love, good and evil, the rise of Donald Trump, frequency and vibration, dimensions, and many other subjects.

We also discover how they became channelers and what it’s meant to them. There’s something for everyone in this potent documentary, no matter where you might be on your personal journey.

Featuring: Lee Carroll, Darryl Anka, Geoffrey Hoppe, Tina Louise Spalding, Christina Hill, Catherine Weer, Rob Gauthier
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English