Turning Negatives into Positives with Howard Bloom

Each one of us has an innate power reserve that is enhanced with the pursuit of personal goals. However, there are those who are keenly aware of our dearest aspirations and can drain all the life out of our hopes and dreams. Howard Bloom reminds us that despite the challenges we face from psychic vampires and illnesses, our minds have the incredible potential to turn all of these negatives into the most powerful positives we can imagine in this interview with George Noory.

Howard Bloom specializes in a field he calls mass behavior. After graduating magna cum laude from NYU in 1968, he turned down four graduate fellowships in clinical psychology to infiltrate the highest levels of pop culture. Now, he studies the mass movements of everything from quarks and stars to bacteria, tall tales, and television plots to uncover what he calls, “the dark underbelly of mass emotion.”

Host: George Noory
Featuring: Howard Bloom
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English