UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied – Part 3: UFOs from Outer Space

There are numerous UFO videos on You Tube and other channels from all over the world. UFOs filmed over the US, the UK, Spain, Brazil, Canada, you name it. These UFOs have been captured by amateur and professional videographers from all walks of life. However, since the late 1950s to the present, the Air Force and NASA have been on a quest to film UFOs above the atmosphere and from deep space.

There are things doing “work on the sun” that are three times larger than Jupiter and they have suddenly appeared since 2008. Then there are the large star ships orbiting earth, posing as stars in “near earth and far earth orbit” that are massive in size. What this film is about is what you are not being told by the mainstream media and especially NASA.

There is not one film or photo in this movie that was taken from earth. This footage is from Air Force films taken above the atmosphere in near orbit, during the X-15 flights, the Shuttle, the International Space Station, the Hubble Telescope and deep space stereo telescopes and observatories located in the far regions of space. There is no telling what else is being held from us. A production from UFOTV Presents.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, German