Ukraine in the Membrane

The current events in Ukraine have dominated mainstream news outlets and rocked the global boat of politics. No doubt the outcome of this revolution will bring long-term consequences for much of the world. But what are the forces behind this revolution really up to? To discover this, we must look deeper into the subject at hand and realize that Ukraine is only one part of a grander scheme.

Doing so, we will discover that the motivations of the revolutionary architects are part of an arc dating back to the beginning of the First World War. This evidence suggests that the decedents of an ancient lineage may be attempting to reclaim their homelands. We must also consider the possibility that certain global politicos could be enacting such schemes for their own personal benefit.

Robert Phoenix examines the astrology of the recent Ukrainian revolution as well as the charts of the people behind these events in order to reveal various long term strategies thrust upon the people of Ukraine.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English