The Eleventh House
1 Season . 18 Episodes

Journey with Robert Phoenix through the Eleventh House to explore the astrology, symbolism, and meta-nature of key events that are shaping our society and collective destiny.

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JFK Assassination and a False Aquarian Age (Preview)

In astrology, the eleventh house represents groups, organizations, humanitarian causes, as well as social ills and injustices. Ruled by Aquarius, it inspires the spiritual and idealistic social forces that will ease our transition into the Age of Aquarius. Journey with Robert Phoenix through the Eleventh House to explore the astrology, symbolism, and meta-nature of key events that are shaping our society and collective destiny.

Episode 1
7 mins
Have you ever wondered where astrology came from, or how it influences our lives? Robert Phoenix answers some of the most common questions about astrology while bringing light to some of its lesser known aspects.
Episode 2
45 mins
The assassination of JFK may have been the shot heard around the world, but it also incited an alternate timeline for the history of mankind. Robert Phoenix explains the astrology of JFK’s assassination and reveals the subtle clues that indicate we are living in a false Aquarian Age.
Episode 3
47 mins
December 25th is heralded as the birth date of Jesus, even though the date has become an excuse for rampant consumerism. September 11th has become a date we remember with somber solemnity and mourning. What if we have actually reversed these times for celebration and mourning?
Episode 4
34 mins
When Pluto enters the sign of Capricorn a new period of global change begins. This happened most recently in 2008. Robert Phoenix examines two transformative periods of human history when Pluto was in Capricorn and he explains how the archetype of Capricorn manifests in popular personalities of the modern era.
Episode 5
36 mins
Robert Phoenix exposes what Aquarius means and how we can hold on to our humanity as the synthetic Aquarian Age manifests through the pursuit of transhumanism.
Episode 6
39 mins
Russia has long been a land of intrigue and obscurity. This was still true when Russia reinvented itself in 1991 and when the charismatic Vladimir Putin rose to power in 1999.Robert Phoenix explains what we can expect for Russia as its Aquarian karma continues to clash with its Capricorn destiny.
Episode 7
1 hr 7 mins
Astrology holds a greater depth of information for those who seek to understand their motivations and relationships. Robert Phoenix provides a guiding light to navigate beyond the constellations as he explains the fundamentals, strengths, weaknesses and higher octaves of each of the 12 astrological signs.
Episode 8
45 mins
Just as the constellations live in the ever revolving night sky, the signs of the Zodiac live in the ever revolving great wheel. Robert Phoenix takes us on a guided tour through each of the twelve houses to explain their meanings and planetary rulers, while revealing the evolutionary cycle of the great wheel.
Episode 9
33 mins
As the planets make their way around the great wheel, their cosmic dance through the signs intertwines and interweaves the subtle energies that influence our lives. Robert Phoenix explains the five major aspects, or angles, that reveal the interplay of planetary energies guiding and inspiring our lives.
Episode 10
40 mins
We live on the cusp of two worlds as a virtual reality is overtaking our physical reality. As Uranus treks through Aries we will continue to see educational and technological innovations. Robert Phoenix offers advice to help us stay connected to our spirituality as we connect to the encroaching virtual Aquarian Age.
Episode 11
27 mins
In 1946, three mystics gathered to perform a series of magickal rites over three months. Robert Phoenix presents a rough sketch of these Babalon Workings, along with the astrological correspondences, to reveal the true intention of the rites and the ongoing impact on the future of humanity.
Episode 12
37 mins
The Babalon Working of 1946 cast a shadow of influence that will last well into the 21st century. Robert Phoenix guides us through the signs of these changing times by revealing modern characterizations of the lady in red and occult symbolism hidden in popular entertainment.
Episode 13
33 mins
When it was released in 2009, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus caught the glint in our eyes and tapped into the souls of audiences everywhere. Robert Phoenix explores the astrology of this film and reveals the Akashic connection of its characters and synopses to real-world personalities and events.
Episode 14
53 mins
Sagittarius is typically a sign that seeks the truth in all things and Pluto reveals the foundation of each generation’s philosophy. Robert Phoenix reveals what we can expect from a revolutionary generation that could become the spiritual warriors or storm troopers of the Aquarian Age.
Episode 15
39 mins
What are the forces behind the Ukrainian revolution really up to? Robert Phoenix examines the astrology of the recent Ukrainian revolution, and its architects, in order to reveal various long term strategies thrust upon the people of Ukraine.
Episode 16
38 mins
Mars and Venus are the cosmic representatives of the forces that hold sway over our earthly emotions and passions. Robert Phoenix helps us gain insight into our relationships by explaining how the interplay of Mars and Venus affects attraction and expression.
Episode 17
30 mins
In July 1945, the blast from the first test of a nuclear bomb sent waves across the desert and throughout mankind’s future. As major transits return to the same cosmic positions they held in 1945, we must ask if we have learned from our history or are we doomed to repeat it?
Episode 18
44 mins
It is an era of global financial crisis as the specter of worldwide war and regime change looms nigh. Ruling over these turbulent times we find Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. Despite the challenges, we can use these transits as tools for personal empowerment