Unconditional Love: Remembering What’s Most Important with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

All the spiritual traditions agree that meditating on our impermanence is one of the most powerful ways to develop a meaningful relationship with the sacred, whatever that means to you. When we ponder our impermanence, appreciation for life grows exponentially and fills us with the grace and gratitude to help us remember what’s most important in this life.

Known to millions all over the world, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross is the pioneer who first took this subject out of the closet of denial. Just a few months before she left this world, we had the good fortune to record what she feels is most important as we lives our lives, in preparation for the moment that all of us will face one day.

Although she has a thick accent, there’s no mistaking her heart’s intention: As much as you can, be kind, and love those you love unconditionally. As you take a few minutes to drop into stillness through breathing, beauty, and being, allow yourself to reconnect, recharge, and remember.

Featuring: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish