Uniting the Eagle and the Condor with Jeffrey Wium

As the shamanic prophecy of the Eagle and Condor comes to a close, we will see a uniting of heart and mind. This could mean a period where rigid institutions crumble and the polarization of our societies diminish. Utilizing wisdom from the Paqos of the Andean Mountains, Jeffrey Wium explains, in this interview with Regina Meredith, how we can unite the intellect of the mind with the intelligence of the heart to bring balance in this turbulent time.

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Jeffrey Wium is a western-born lineage holder in the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition. In 2008 He received inspiration for his documentary, Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino, during a pilgrimage in the Andes.

Featuring: Jeffrey Wium
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish