The Virtual Aquarian Age

We live on the cusp of two worlds as a virtual reality is overtaking our physical reality. This transition becomes evident as digital media replaces CDs, DVDs and books. We will continue to see a decline in goods manufacturing and an increase in digital purchases. Leading this charge into a new era is Ray Kurzweil and Google as they work to build the perfect robotic beast for the world to come.

All of this is expected as Uranus treks through Aries and we continue to see educational and technological innovations. The last time this happened, in 1927-1935, the world saw the rise of technological advancements that shaped our modern era. However, all of this change can be a big distraction, drawing our attention away from the big picture of morality and spirituality.

Robert Phoenix reminds us of the big picture and offers advice to help us stay connected to our spirituality as we connect to the encroaching virtual Aquarian Age .

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English