Wisdom from the Archetypes with Steven Ross

For the first time in human history, each of us has instant access to an immense treasure trove of information. However, as a society, we have lost the capacity for wisdom. Caution is warranted here, as a rampant lack of wisdom has repeatedly led to the downfall of many glorious civilizations. Steven Ross explains how we can reclaim our wisdom by opening our minds to become channels that receive higher teachings from archetypes in this interview with Regina Meredith.

Steven A. Ross, PhD is co-founder and CEO of the World Research Foundation. For nearly 40 years he has researched and lectured around the world. He has delivered over 200 lectures making presentations to various worldwide government agencies, hospital networks, and has been interviewed on more than 150 radio programs and 15 regional and national television programs. He has been an expert witness for the City of Los Angeles and consulted for the insurance industry.

Featuring: Steven Ross
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English