Steven Ross

Co-founder and CEO of the World Research Foundation, Dr. Steven Ross is committed to educating the public on all available medical treatments from across the world. With over 40 years experience, Ross is an avid believer in providing in-depth health knowledge to the masses. In doing so, people have the freedom to choose their own treatment plan based on a complete picture of data. Using this belief as the overall goal of the World Research Foundation, Ross spreads the word through his lectures and presentations across the world. After earning his Bachelor degree in Science and Mathematics from the University of California Northridge, Dr. Steven Ross later returned to the academic life and received his Doctor of Philosophy from California Coast University in 1990. Discovering his passion early on, he wrote his final dissertation on the spiraling costs of health care as a result of the lack of competition in the market. The best-selling author of "And Nothing Happened... But You Can Make It Happen," Dr. Steven Ross has delivered presentations to various international government agencies and hospital networks and has been a guest on more than 150 radio programs. He has served as a consultant for FOX, Mutual Benefit Life Insurance, the U.S. Office of Alternative Medicine, NIH and more.

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