Moving Through the Layers of Life: Discovering Layers Video
Discovering Layers
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Moving Through the Layers of Life: Discovering Layers

Episode 1
Available worldwide

In this class with Troy Hadeed, we go through a series of internally rotated poses repeating each layer before moving onto the next. This way we begin to really experience the posture each time from a new and different place, truly opening up to understand what that space holds for us, and where our fullest version of that pose may one day lie. The practice of yoga on and off the mat brings to light the layers in our life that may hold ‘darkness’ or negativity. To shed these layers and taste transformation we first have to acknowledge them instead of turning our head. It's time to start peeling away the layers and be open to what's underneath.



Discovering Layers Video
Episode 1 Discovering Layers
Discovering Layers (March 2016)
Episode 1
, 49 minutes
In this class with Troy Hadeed, we go through a series of internally rotated poses repeating each layer before moving onto the next.
Available worldwide
Shedding Layers Video
Episode 2 Shedding Layers
Shedding Layers (March 2016)
Episode 2
, 45 minutes
This second episode of Moving Through the Layers of Life with Troy Hadeed builds on the first, Discovering Layers. In this practice, Troy moves through the same concept of layered sequencing, but this time with externally ...
Available worldwide

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lauradodge9, posted on August 24, 2016

I like the pace and the instructions! Very helpful for mind and body.

NataliaB8, posted on May 3, 2016

I haven't practiced in a few weeks and this was the perfect practice to build into my flexibility again. Beautiful :)

rca405, posted on April 26, 2016

This was simply lovely as it was slow and mindful and just what my body needed to check back into myself and my breath.
Looking forward to the rest of the series! Many thanks!

Lisakerr5, posted on April 23, 2016

Thanks Troy. I can really feel your instructions.Going slower is key to finding our own space and so many other classes are fast paced. thanks for the reminder to slow down and see the light inside. starting my day with a smile. namaste.

Kdonovan13, posted on April 2, 2016

I struggled with this class at first to understand Troy, but I gave it a little time and opened myself to try it. And it was really fantastic. I loved the pacing, I enjoyed Troy's commentary. His queuing is terrific. I immediately looked for shorter practices to add to my playlist for the week. I have taken some really terrific classes on Gaia, but this is my favorite so far. However, this was my first class with Troy and based on the descriptions of other sessions, I have a feeling I will find even more. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us.

veda, posted on March 29, 2016

Thank you for such a beautiful practice! Troy's voice is soothing and suggestive to the alignment of breath and body, the moves are repeated but not in a repetitive way where you find yourself bored, instead, inspired as you feel more of an awakening after each!

massagarhi, posted on March 15, 2016

I completely enjoyed this class. Troy you are a very accomplished, encouraging teacher. I'm looking forward to the whole series! I'm encouraged to "make space" in my life - will start with my closet and move inward to my ego & inner being. From Hawaii, Mahalo!
(thank you)

bbl1n2, posted on March 13, 2016

wow, felt very stretched out but aligned after this class, dont know how else to put it. loved it, cant wait for more!

obgyn, posted on March 12, 2016

I loved the meditative aspects of this practice-thank you!!

Troy Hadeed, posted on March 11, 2016

Thank you all for the love. It means so much to me to share a practice that means so much to me and is unfortunately different from the regular in our world of yoga today.
To see feel that all of you connect tot he power of the breath even through a computer screen inspires me to keep doing. Many more classes shot in Trinidad to come for you guys,
stay posted. And feel free to hit me up with any questions you may have regarding your practice or my teaching. much love and magic, real magic.

nancyb_2, posted on August 9, 2016

I am so touched by your classes Troy. They are bringing me so much joy, inspiration and needed light. And although I would love nothing more than to practice with you in Trinidad, I am really hoping you post more classes.

Thank you so very much
Nancy B

kungfuyogini, posted on March 23, 2016

Keep teaching from the heart of yoga Troy! as a yoga teacher myself teaching yoga from the heart not the ego is a beautiful gift to share with other aspiring yogi's and yogini's. Learning yoga in India away from the west I truly learned this , We are Love, we are light and are natural state is yoga and I'm so happy your on this site to encourage this teaching to all.
Peace, Love & Light

kungfuyogini, posted on March 10, 2016

I enjoyed this class!! Troy is very calming and it resonates in his teachings. I always feel very relaxed after his classes with mindfulness and awareness.

l-bo, posted on March 10, 2016

I do love it. I like it because it is slow and you repeat the exercises.
Thank you :-)))

Donovan, posted on March 9, 2016

gorgeous teaching style,
intelligent, compassionate, inclusive.

So glad asana practices seem to be evolving/(cirlcling ?) past yogi power gymnastics - not that I don't love that occasionally too! Keep it coming Troy. Thank you

ggoode, posted on March 8, 2016 always! Troy's classes and messages are truly inspiring.
I'm so happy that this is just the beginning of a new series.
Namaste <3

valena, posted on March 8, 2016

Love the pace and the flow!! The words are a true blessing!

ziggyMars, posted on March 8, 2016

Troy is the best. Very excited to have another of his series.

NicoleUrdang, posted on March 8, 2016

Lovely messages through out.
I did an extra headstand series at the end.

dottiegiuliano, posted on March 7, 2016

I love the simplicity of this practice and the possibility of modifications. The movements mindfully connect with the breath. Troy's explanations of each pose linking our beyond the mat experience are insightful.
Thanks so much!

jkimpton, posted on March 7, 2016

I was so excited to wake up to a new series from Troy, my absolute favorite teacher. This was a lovely practice and had all the elements I need in the practice. Your slow and deliberate movements lends itself nicely to mindfulness . Thank you for a great start to my day!

Troy Hadeed, posted on March 11, 2016

Jkimpton......thank you so very much for your appreciation. "Favourite Teacher' is definitely not something i take lightly. You have given me some big shoes to keep steeping into.
Lots more classes to come that i think you would love, i even bring you guys into me home!!!! Im always her if you have any questions or feel i can shed insight on anything for you.

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