10 Ways to Free Your Soul

There are four intrinsic soul desires, and the first three lead to freedom, Moksha, what our soul craves. Tell me where I’m wrong, but I have a hunch that you’ve felt this one. Vacation, anyone?

For 10 more ways to free your soul, read on.

Core Soul Desires

Ancient Vedic texts tell us that there are four core soul desires. That each of us has within the core of who we are the desire for purpose, the means to fulfill our purpose, the pleasure associated with living our purpose, and freedom.

The four purusharthas, also known as the four aims of life, are intrinsic. They’re directly linked to the personal, unique Jivatman part of our soul, and the infinite, unlimited Paramatman part of our soul.

1. Dharma

Your duty, calling or life’s purpose

2. Artha

Prosperity, or having the things you need to do your dharma.

3. Kama

Pleasure, the reward of living our dharma.

4. Moksha

Liberation or freedom.

The first three lead to the last one. Liberation and freedom. This is much in alignment with enlightenment: literally lightening up (moving from the base chakras to the ethereal upper ones), and living from a place of love.

10 Ways to Free Your Soul

Your soul will give you unlimited guidance around how to live your dharma and find moksha. Here are 10 ways that you can help you.

1. Act with kindness.

Our soul ain’t nothin’ but love and light.

2. Cultivate compassion.

Compassion frees us from judgements and criticisms of others—and our self.

3. Be curious.

Coming from a place of beginner’s mind is akin to aligning with the innocence of your soul.

4. Create something.

A doodle, a haiku, a shift in the dynamic of an old relationship. Our soul is like the sun, a powerful creative force of energy.

5. Be in your body.

Our thoughts are connected to our monkey mind, and can do a pretty good job of keeping us from experiencing our soul.

6. Meditate.

Sitting in stillness or doing a moving meditation will help to shift you away from your thoughts.

7. Do asana.

Yoga asana is a brilliant way to evoke the wisdom of your body, clear your mind, and hear your soul.

8. Do pranayama.

Like asana, but it can be even more powerful. Breath of Fire Kundalini and Kapalbhati are favourites of mine. I love how quickly they clear the mind and draw energy up to the crown.

9. Be childlike.

Remember what brought you joy as a kid. Do more of that.

10. Every day, do a little bit less of what causes you stress, and a little bit more of what you love.

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