Peruvian Universities to Announce Update on Nazca Mummies

Peruvian Universities to Announce Update on Nazca Mummies

The Nazca mummies are slowly revealing their secrets as university scientists continue to test the material of the mummies. What they’ve found may change everything.

In the spring of 2017, researchers began a scientific inquiry into the origins of six, three-fingered mummies found in Nazca, Peru.

Gaia has been documenting the long process of identifying the mummies as top Peruvian universities are testing the material to see exactly what they are — an elaborate hoax or a species of something extraterrestrial?

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Preliminary results from tests performed on the largest mummy’s hands cross-examined against the rest of the body, revealed no evidence to indicate a hoax. Scientists found the largest mummy, ‘Maria,’ to be female and carbon-dated her at roughly 1,700 years old.

Now, journalist Jaime Maussan, who has been covering this story since the beginning, and is in contact with the university scientists has news about the mummies.

“There are different universities in Peru who are investigating this incredible evidence,” Maussan said. “They have found, really, the proof that this case is absolutely real. Unfortunately, I cannot give you details because the universities are planning to present a press conference about the discoveries. I can tell you that the metals that were found inside the bodies, it was not possible to build them more than a thousand years ago, and the universities will reveal what the purpose of this was. It’s going to be shocking for many, and just there, is proof that these creatures were not from this Earth.”

Where were these metal implants found on the mummies?

“The implants of metal in the small bodies — we found them in the bodies that are 2’ in size (60cm) — they are in the chest. We thought it was something physical that was put there for some head issues. No, now the universities are finding that this is very advanced technology. But they will release the information telling you what the purpose of this. Why they were using this, for what reason, and right there is going to be the ‘smoking gun’ as you say in the United States about the presence of another technology that was close to humans so long ago,” Maussan said.

How does this discovery fit into the bigger picture, the human record and the search for non-human life?

“Human beings are trying to find extraterrestrial life through the James Webb telescope with an investigation in Mars, the investigation in the moon Europa around Jupiter, and so on,” Maussan said. “Now we have here, the physical evidence that we’ll prove, along with the release of the information from the Pentagon, that these UFOs come with these creatures, which are not from this Earth. I am very excited because all the findings are demonstrating that what Gaia and ourselves found in 2017 was absolutely real.”

The Peruvian universities plan to hold a live-streaming press conference in the coming months, where they say they will spell out all the details and provide evidence of their claims.

Ancient Cave Painters Starved Themselves of Oxygen to Hallucinate

Ancient Cave Painters Starved Themselves of Oxygen to Hallucinate

Did pre-historic man communicate with non-human entities? An exciting new archeological study may have just found an answer.

Caves have always been a source of fascination, as have the paintings drawn in them by the earliest humans. There’s been much debate among archeologists over the meaning of the paintings as well as why so many were made in the deepest, hard-to-reach parts of the caves.

A team from Tel Aviv University set out in search of the answer.

Archeologist Ron Barkai led the study which focused on caves painted in Spain and France some 40,000 years ago.

“We were wondering about human relationships with caves. Caves are not only shelters from the elements. We believe that caves had much more deeper meanings for early humans. And the riddle why people entered deep, dark caves was always on the table. “Barkai said.

“And then we came to realize that the use of torches must have reduced the level of oxygen inside the caves, which brings a well-known phenomenon which is called hypoxia. And one of the consequences of hypoxia is an altered state of consciousness,” he said.

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