How to Become More Spiritual in Three Small Steps

Beautiful rich colors of a waterlily on the water's surface. This beautiful Water Lily was photographed in the shade of a Weeping Willow tree on a calm day with very soft light. The rich colors and saturation of this image is a story in itself. It's an almost surreal image.
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At some point in time, most people experience a feeling that there is something greater than the concrete world we inhabit. Whether this feeling is inspired by a mystery of science, the awe-inspiring view from a majestic mountaintop, or the energy experienced in connecting with others, these moments can be both humbling and grounding. It is these feelings, moments and experiences which form the foundation of our notion of spirituality.

One of the most beautiful aspects of spirituality is that it can be experienced differently by everyone. For some people, spirituality is about a devotion to religious faith. Others seek out a more personal connection with their spiritual side by engaging in activities such as yoga, meditation, spending time in nature, or creative expression.

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Spiritual Alchemy and Divine Purpose

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The Full Moon Effect, aka The Lunar Effect

For centuries, the moon has been one of the cosmic bodies said to change the characteristics of a person. Its ability to transform one from within comes from a long line of belief that it has the power to change a person’s inner molecular structure even if just for a moment. Bards sang tales about how people changed in mood, physique, and even in personality whenever the moon was full. The lunar effect even worked it’s way into the English language providing the etymological origin for the word lunacy.

Neurotic behavior was common and there are even many stories that tell of those who change into savage wolves on a full moon’s night. It is said that once the full moon passes the person has minimal or no recollection of any changes. The biggest question is whether there is any correlation with full moons and behavior change or people acting strangely. And for the most part, it seems that answer is yes, but it depends on many things which include the date, time, year, location, zodiac sign, emotional state, and one’s spiritual maturity.

The Effects Of Full Moon on Emotions

In general, the moon is connected to our emotional selves. Many of the full moon effects on human behavior and emotions are hidden deep within our subconscious. So when the moon is full, it emits energy that greatly affects us all personally as well as collectively.

Each week that passes, the moon transits through each zodiac house clearing its path from whatever debris is in its way. The elements it clears and/or reboots are actually energy vessels that are connected to our soul. The full moon ruffles this bridge that connects us within, causing changes.

Some of these adjustments are subtle while others are drastic, and that is why you see many acting out of character. For the most part, though it is not out of character, it is actually their true selves presenting to the world. To themselves or peers this may appear to be out of the norm because the person does not know how to manage this abrupt inner change. And since the jolt of energy is potent many are not spiritually and/or emotionally equipped to handle it.

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