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Gaia Ambassador

Sacred Geometry Animator

Post Production Systems Technician

Sound Director / Head of Sound

Digital Graphic Designer

Digital Artist

Associate Producer of Original Content – Bilingual (English – Spanish/German/French)

Original Content Producer

Video Editor, Bilingual (English - Spanish/French)

Yoga Content Coordinator – Bilingual (English - German/French)

Animator (3D)

Front Desk Associate

Support Team Representative - Bilingual

Digital Analyst

Senior Digital Analyst

Senior Digital Analyst

Digital Analyst

DevOps Engineer

Continuous Integration/Deployment (CI/CD) Engineer

Software Engineer - Javascript Stack - Payment Processing

Software Engineer - Javascript Stack - Full Stack

Software Engineer - Javascript Stack - Applications

Software Engineer - Data Stack

Software Engineer - WordPress Stack

Royalties Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Strategist

VP of Marketing

Ambassador Sales Manager

Ambassador Account Executive

Ambassador Success Coach

Digital Event Marketing Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Email Marketing Strategist

Email Marketing Manager

UX/UI Designer

German Language Lead

French Language Lead