AM & PM Yoga for Beginners
1 Season . 2 Episodes

Perfect for those new to yoga, AM & PM Yoga for Beginners will help you awaken your body and energize your mind - morning and night.

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AM Yoga For Beginners (Preview)

Start and end your day with complementary, easy-to-follow AM & PM yoga practices designed by yoga masters Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden. In the morning, awaken your body and energize your mind with Rodney’s gentle, sunrise sequence on the beach. In the evening, release stress and calm your mind with Patricia’s slow-flowing, sunset pm yoga practice in the desert. Both practices offer pose modifications using props such as straps, blocks and blankets.

Teacher: Rodney Yee & Patricia Walden
Episode 1
21 mins
Enjoy a smooth transition from sleep to activity as you increase circulation, improve mobility, and center your mind. Begin with a short conscious relaxation exercise, followed by a gentle, flowing sequence, and a final meditation.
Episode 2
27 mins
End your day by breathing deeply and centering yourself in mind and body. This rejuvenating practice starts with mindful stretches and moves into gentle standing postures, cooling forward folds, and grounded postures to calm your nervous system.