Buff Moms to Be - Prenatal Workout Video
1 Season . 3 Episodes

A complete prenatal workout designed to keep moms-to-be fit and feeling great.

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Cardio Breeze (Preview)

Designed to help keep pregnant women in shape throughout each trimester, each prenatal workout will take you through total-body toning, low-impact cardio and stretching exercises. Take time to take care of yourself, mom-to-be.

Host: Sue Fleming, Raquel Feder
Featuring: Sue Fleming, Raquel Feder, Beckie Brown, Tanya Byers
Episode 1
12 mins
Increase your energy, flexibility and range of motion.
Episode 2
15 mins
Get energized with low-impact cardio.
Episode 3
13 mins
Special delivery: great lower body moves.