Buff Moms - Postnatal Workout
1 Season . 4 Episodes

Get ready new moms! A complete muscle-sculpting, postnatal workout filled with low-impact cardio drills to help new moms get back on track.

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Cardio Groove And Tone 1 (Preview)

Are you ready to get your body back after having your baby? Ready to get your legs lean and sculpted and your butt firm and tight? Welcome to the Buff Moms: Beyond Baby Body workout, a fun, challenging combination workout with low-impact cardio drills that will tighten and tone your entire body. Join Raquel, Debbie, and Lory in these postnatal exercises as you tone up, lean down, and stretch out. Have some hand weights ready, a chair, a mat, a pillow and some water. These four segments are a sure way to get all Buff Mom bodies back after baby. Supercharge your day while getting back in shape!

Host: Sue Fleming
Featuring: Raquel Feder, Deborah Curcura, Lory Levitt
Episode 1
10 mins
Cardio Groove & Tone 1 features simple, unique cardio drills and dynamic total-body conditioning exercises blended together to tone up and stretch out.
Episode 2
10 mins
Cardio Groove & Tone 2 features easy-to-follow calorie-burning cardio drills plus lower-body exercises that will help you look great and keep up with the kids!
Episode 3
10 mins
Time to keep grooving, with Cardio Groove & Tone 3!
Episode 4
11 mins
Want to feel great? Beyond Baby Body workout has the perfect moves for Tummy Toners and Hip Stretches!