Calorie Killer Yoga
1 Season . 5 Episodes

Acclaimed yoga instructor Colleen Saidman leads five fat-burning, cardio yoga routines.

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Award-winning yoga instructor Colleen Saidman leads five energizing practices that will increase metabolism, strength, flexibility, balance and focus – all keys to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Each practice builds to the next, increasing the cardio challenge as you progress.

Teacher: Colleen Saidman
Episode 1
23 mins
Ignite your metabolism with this fast paced, fat-burning practice. Your body will be in constant motion as you build heat and torch calories.
Episode 2
26 mins
This practice focuses on increasing endurance and building strength while helping you create long lines and tone muscle.
Episode 3
25 mins
Sustain calorie burn by building and maintaining heat in the body.
Episode 4
17 mins
Learn how starting each day with a sun salutation invigorates the body and gets your engine revving to burn calories all day long.
Episode 5
19 mins
Slow down to create space in your body and mind. Practiced completely seated, this class provides an opportunity to increase flexibility and muscle tone in a relaxed way.